When I was in law school, many years ago, one of my professors told us that one of the biggest complaints by clients is that their attorneys won’t ever call them back.  When I got into private practice, I was amazed to hear horror stories of people who have never had the opportunity to meet with or speak with an attorney.

Our law firm has been open since 2006, and we have tried to focus on providing exceptional customer service to our clients.  Our philosophy is that if you hire an attorney, you should get to work with the attorney.  We strive to promptly respond to emails and phone calls, and to be available to our clients.

Choosing an attorney is an important and critical decision.  Television commercials and fancy advertising slogans can be misleading about the kind of experience that you might have at a law firm.  Before you make any decisions, come sit down with one of our attorneys for a free face-to-face consultation to discuss your case.  Let us show you how you should be treated.

Tyler Hammond, Esq.