Hammond & Hammond is a brother and sister team of personal injury attorneys in Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada.  Since 2006, our firm has focused on the mission of treating you like part of our family. 

 Accidents can be disastrous to your life and often result in medical bills, lost wages, and severe pain and suffering.  For more than a decade, we have helped many car accident victims, slip and fall victims, dog bite victims, and others get financial compensation to help them put their lives back together. 

 We know that you have many choices for attorneys.  It seems that everywhere you look, there is a new billboard or television commercial for another law firm with a fancy slogan, nickname, or theme song.  But all too often, people hire these law firms and never work with or even meet the lawyers from the billboards or commercials.

 At Hammond & Hammond, we believe that if you hire an attorney, you should actually meet with an attorney and work with an attorney.  When you schedule an appointment at our office, you will actually meet with Brook or Tyler Hammond and can ask questions face to face!  We will guide you through the process as we formulate a plan to help you put your life back together. 

 All too often, we hear complaints such as “I hired an attorney and he won’t call me back and I have no idea what is happening with my case.”  Often you can fire your attorney and transfer your case to another lawyer without any additional cost to you. 

 Give us a call – sit down with us and see if you like us.